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Ear Infections

Chiropractic and Ear Infections

Ear infections (otitis media) are the most common illness affecting babies and children and the number one reason for visits to the pediatrician. 

What causes ear infections?   The Eustachian tube normally drains fluids from the middle ear to the back of the throat.  There are 4 tiny muscles that control the ability of the tube to open and close. Malfunction of these muscles may cause pain or affect the normal drainage of the tubes.  Fluid back up in the middle ear allows bacteria or viruses to grow and multiply. 

How does chiropractic help? A chiropractic examination can identify misaligned vertebrae in the upper neck and base of the skull which can be stressing the nerves that control the muscles of the Eustachian tube.  A gentle adjustment can be made which relieves the pressure on the nerve.  Normal tone is restored allowing for drainage and avoiding antibiotics or ear tubes.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "My son and I have been seeing Dr. Lewis for a few months. We began seeing Dr. Lewis after looking for a solution to my son's chronic ear infections. Since he began getting adjusted by Dr. Lewis, he has been ear infection free - which is a miracle compared to how many he had prior. Dr. Lewis is patient with my not so cooperative 1 year old son. I was so impressed with Dr. Lewis that I became a patient of hers too. I had never been to a chiropractor, but I found the whole process to be interesting and helpful. She created a plan for both me and my son, and I am happy with all she has done for us. Her hours are flexible, her office is nice, and she is such a kind person. I never write reviews, but Dr. Lewis certainly deserves one!"
    Beth M Weymouth 4/1/12